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Three Ways to Recognize a Talent Magnet

Harvard Business Review posten soms, nee vaak, interessante artikelen en vandaag heb ik er weer één die ik wil delen. Three Ways to Recognize a Talent Magnet gaat over de 3 eigenschappen die CEO’s moeten hebben om talent aan te trekken.

Het is een zeer grote quote of copy/paste maar ik kan het niet beter noch krachtiger verwoorden dan de auteur van het artikel.

• They outrecruit their own competence. The best leaders always surround themselves with people who are not just equal to but better than they are. Strong leaders will have the inner confidence in themselves, and their collective team’s potential, to not be weighed down by insecurity about being “shown up.” As any athlete knows, you don’t improve your game and team if you play with or against inferior players. If you are on a board, or if you are an employee, ask yourself: Are the people your leader hires of equal or higher potential than the leader herself? Are they farther along than the leaders were themselves at their own stages of development or tenure? As a venture capital colleague of ours once said, A’s attract A’s and B’s attract C’s.

• They seek real diversity of talent.
Mediocre executives find comfort in similarity, whether it’s a team’s social, educational, or philosophical orientation. They end up hiring people in their own image. Superior leaders risk hiring people outside their usual way of seeing, sensing, processing, and solving problems. They go beyond their comfort zone to ensure that the people they attract are not cut from the same mold, and will give them different perspectives. Do the leaders dare to have people who see things very differently than they would and know how to handle the diverse views productively? For a recent deal that our firm, Cue Ball, was reviewing, a partner at one of the top Silicon Valley venture capital firms said, “Listen, we have the interest of every top-branded VC in the Valley for this deal, but what we need is someone that will break us from that group-think, and that feels like you.” It showed that the VC recognized that we would have differentiated, valuable, and complementary perspectives that might better help the company at hand — a sign of a talent magnet.

• They maintain a holistic view of where the very best talents are in their fields. The best talent magnets take a very holistic and strategic view of their industry and talent pool. Ask of the CEOs or entrepreneurs you know: Can you list the best one or two people anywhere in the world for the handful of jobs in your organization that are pivotal to its performance? Next, where are these people right now (if they’re not already on your team)? Are you in contact with them? In sports, we all know the superstars of all the teams. Why is it that so many business leaders do not know the superstars in their relevant talent landscape? A top-notch leader will know and always have the very best talent stars in her sights. She will get to know them and if they are not with her, work over time to attract them to her team.

Wat denken jullie na het lezen van deze eigenschappen? Kennen jullie CEO’s die deze eigenschappen bezitten en daadwerkelijk toepassen? In elk geval geven deze eigenschappen richting aan het werving- en selectiebeleid dat organisaties moeten nastreven. Wat zoals in de nabije toekomst zal blijken zijn er nogal wat verbeter-punten als het gaat om het recruitment! Of vinden jullie van niet?

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  1. Bart
    Bart zegt:

    Ik ga hier helemaal mee akkoord. Als manager, waar dan ook, faciliteer je het slagen van je mensen. Daardoor slaag je zelf ook. Je staat achter hen als het goed gaat maar je staat ook borg voor hen als het een keer niet gaat.

    Je laat hen schitteren en heel vaak vullen hun sterke kanten je eigen zwakke kanten aan. Als je dat kan; loslaten; dan ben je m.i. een goede manager.


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